How to deploy only changed project source files to remote server using Jenkins - jenkins

In a Java project Jenkins will generate war file if it detects a file change on git repo and deploy the war file to remote server but in some languages like Javascript, ruby how to make Jenkins copy only changed source file(s) to remote server running the application ? In such languages source code files needs to be deployed to remote server. I have configured Jenkins so that when it detects a file change on remote git project repo, it checks it out but then how to scp only changed file(s) to remote server without having to install git on remote server?


How to run Shibboleth IDP from original source in eclipse?

I have downloaded the source code from their git repository. I am able to compile and generate a build file using the install script. I can deploy that war file on a tomcat server. However now I need to build and run the application from Eclipse.

Jenkins Deployment Issue

I'm using Jenkins to deploy war file into tomcat.Build is success but giving FileNotFound exception.I'm using tomcat7.I found some references in google but didn't get the solution
if you want to copy war from build server to tomacat server ,use robocopy to copy war to tomcat server
robocopy c:abc/abc.war //tomcatserver and path
Most containers have a directory where you can "place" the war, in order to deploy it.
Therefore in Jenkins you can set up Send build artifacts over SSH
On configuring the server, you should go in Configure Jenkins -> Configure system -> SSH Servers
Add the server you need to deploy to, username (+password) and Remote directory: /opt/app/tomcat/webapps (or whatever)
More info here -

Jenkins - Delete files on remote host

in my declarative Jenkins pipeline I am using the Publish over SSH plugin to send the jars that Jenkins built to a remote server. Before I do that I would like to use the SSH plugin to wipe out the existing jars in the target folder on the remote server.
However I cannot find a declarative pipeline example which runs a shell command on the remote server.
Thanks for the help!

Deploy war file to Ec2 via Jenkins

I have a war file in my Jenkins server. And i would like to deploy it to another Ec2 Server. However, i couldn't find appropriate plugin or method how can i achieve this?, my only need is to deploy it to another Ec2 Server.
Install the CLI and github plugin in Jenkins.
Upload your war file to Github or s3 or BitBucket.
Then issue the CLI commands to download the war file and deploy it in the /webapps folder.
You can Follow the same to download the source code, build it using maven or grade and deploy the war file in the /webapps folder.

deploy artifacts to remote VM from Jenkins

I am trying to automate deployment proceeses using Jenkins. I am trying to deploy some config files and some EAR files to remote VM. Normally I would open a Remote Desktop connection and deploy manually.
Is there a way FROM JENKINS through scripting or plugin where I can deploy files to a remote VM?
You can use this framework which automates the management and deployment of files on remote VM's running in a VMWare environment.
Just install RI on your Jenkins server and add batch steps to execute the RI executable with a XML configuration that should do what you want.